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Tired of online video meetings?

Most people find communicating in large groups ineffective and exhausting because of undesirable dynamics that come with bigger group size.
Digital environments amplify these bad effects. (Hello zoom fatigue)
Weeve leverages structured dialogic design to provide an easy to use communication tool for groups. It's like having a virtual co-facilitator that guides the participants to get the most out of their conversations.
Using Weeve allows even the largest groups to have the most meaningful discussions online without being limited by technological or social barriers.

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For Communities

Make your community feel at home by involving them in activities that are conducive to social connections. Great social chemistry is one of the best things that can keep a community together & help it grow.

For Organizations

Tear down silos in your organization. It wonโ€™t only make your organization more successful & adaptable to change, but also make your employees happier by feeling more connected with everyone else.

For Networking

Establishing high quality relationships to build out your professional network is hard. Especially online. Join a Weeve-Networking session to see for yourself how you can build a better network in a way that is not only effective, but also extremely enjoyable.

For Education

Students are more lonely than ever. Become a better place to study by making it easier for your students to form social networks. This will not only help them cope with stress and thus increase their chance of succeeding in their educational journey, but also increase their perception of your organization after they leave, paying dividends for decades to come.

For Product-Orgs

Build better products by better engaging your customers. Instead of just talking to your users, let your users talk amongst themselves as well. Weeve allows you to generate insights with groups of people in an effective & engaging way.

For Governments

Citizens are experiencing an increased sense of disconnection from their government. Start bridging this gap with weeve.