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Fresh perspectives

It’s easy to get caught in a bubble - be it your company or your own curated information stream. Our handpicked topics and curated sessions connect you with the most current moves - and the perspectives that matter most.

More value for your time

Time is your most valuable asset. The time of other top-notch professionals is also a precious commodity. Our platform is designed for high-impact results, fast. No more majority-passive video calls.

Upgrade how your brain updates

Constant learning is an absolute necessity to navigate today’s world. Extend your brain with the intelligence of others like never before.

More bandwidth, more results

The larger the conversation, the less time there is to contribute per individual. Breaking out discussions into parallel streams achieves a higher rate of participation per individual and thus a stronger outcome.

Escape groupthink

No one person has a complete picture of the world, nor the training to understand it all. We need each other to piece together more complete understanding. Only thing is, we usually start to think as a group pretty fast - in a bad way. By starting with multiple, smaller threads of conversation and then weaving them together, groups get better at thinking.

More than a conversation

Weeve sessions don’t end at goodbye. Our subject-matter experts craft summaries of the outcomes achieved - which translates to even more value for your time. Our discourse experts also perform personalized appraisals designed to hone your conversational technique, on request.

The power and use of digital technology is growing. So is the need and opportunity for improving sense making at scale. As individuals create content at greater volume and impact, the skill at which each of us makes sense grows in importance. No one person has a complete picture of the world, nor the training to understand it all. We need each other to piece together more complete understanding.

Be it group-think, straw-manning, or how difficult it becomes to participate when the size of a conversation gets large, there are many challenges that get in the way of making sense, with each other. The good news is that we’ve never been better equipped to build tools that address such limitations. We can already assemble the foundation of new digital landscapes that bring us closer together and amplify the benefits of rich conversations.

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